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Exmouth is the terminus of the Avocet Line, in the town of Exmouth, Devon.

Layout Edit

The main entrance of off Marine Way. Upon entering the concourse, passengers will find the ticket counter and access to the platform. An additional member of staff is usually located next to the platform access who will sell tickets.

Passengers will usually have their ticket checked by railway staff before accessing the platform,

When the concourse is closed, a night entrance is provided in the council car park, passengers must walk through Exmouth Bus Station to access the railway station.

Access to the platform will be closed between trains during ticket office hours.

Facilities Edit

There is a waiting shelter on the platform.

Self service ticket machines are provided on the concourse and outside the main entrance.

A council run car park is located next to the station, accessed via Imperial Road and The Royal Avenue.

The taxi rank is located in the council car park, necessitating a walk through Exmouth Bus Station.

Services Edit

All trains to Paignton, Exeter St David's or Barnstaple depart from the platform.

Bus Connections and PlusBus Edit

Exmouth Bus station is adjacent to the railway station.

Exmouth is not a PlusBus station.

Special ticketing Edit

Exmouth is in the following Rover areas:

  • Devon Ranger/Devon Evening Ranger
  • Freedom of Devon and Cornwall
  • Freedom of the South West

Passengers may also purchase a combined car park ticket and rail return to Exeter from the car park machines.

Penalty Fares Edit

Exmouth is a Penalty Fare station; you must have a valid ticket before boarding a train.