Exeter St Davids - FGW 142064 and 143611
A Pacer (numbered "140" to "144") is a type of local train with one coach and a set of airline seats. Sometimes, it will have more when it is attached to another type of train.

These trains are sometimes called "Railbuses" or "Bus Trains", because they look like buses and have folding doors.

Features Edit

1280px-143617 Interior

Seating Edit

Different Pacers have different seating plans inside. Older Pacer units have bus-like seating that offers lots of personal space and light from the windows, while newer pacers instead have two rows of airline seating.


On the left, the newer seating style is shown on the top, while the older seating is shown on the bottom. Both kinds of seating are in use, although the bottom is slowly being replaced with the top.

Other Features Edit

The trains have open-able windows across the coaches, and they have toilets at one end of each coach. The trains do not, however, have any disabled access or ramps as default, and the vestibules necessitate 2 steps on to or off the train.

Identifying Edit

A Pacer looks very much like a "bus on rails", and have double folding doors. In fcat, older pacers actually were converted buses, and they are sometimes called "Railbuses" or "Bus trains".