About Edit

Portsmouth Arms is a railway station on the Tarka Line. The station sits beside the A377, next to the Portsmouth Arms pub, and a few houses

Layout Edit

Portsmouth Arms has one platform, accessed directly off the A377.

Facilities Edit

There is a waiting shelter on the platform, and a Harrington Hump has been installed to reduce the step between the train and the platform.

A small amount car parking is available next to the station.

There are no ticket purchasing facilities; passengers must buy on the train, at their destination or interchange station.

Services Edit

Trains to Barnstaple run from right to left as passengers face the track; trains to Exeter/Exmouth run from left to right.

Portsmouth arms is a request stop, passengers wishing to alight must tell the conductor on the train; passengers wanting to board must signal to the driver.

Not all trains are scheduled to stop at Portsmouth Arms.

Bus Connections and PlusBus Edit

There are no bus connections at Portsmouth Arms.

Portsmouth Arms is not a PlusBus station.

Special ticketing Edit

Portsmouth Arms is in the following Rover areas:

  • Tarka Line Ranger
  • Devon Ranger/Devon Evening Ranger
  • Freedom of Devon and Cornwall
  • Freedom of the South West

Penalty Fares Edit

Portsmouth Arms is not a Penalty Fare station.

Special Instructions Edit

If the train is 4 coaches long, passengers can only board or alight from one door towards the front of the train. Please ensure any prams or buggies are folded.