Sprinters are quite unpleasnt, as they here are no tables, have a rather 'hard' interior finish (i.e bright lights) and a very high noise level, particularly at the inner ends of the carriages. This, along with the fact that the trains oly have two windows that leave many seats with no window at all, and the fact that some of them have have as many as 5 seats per row, makes for noisy and uncomfortable travel.

Features Edit

Windows Edit

The trains have doors that slide into the body shells, resulting in areas where it is not possible to fit windows. There are only two windows between the carriage doors. The resulting alignment between seats and windows is very poor, with several seats having no window view at all.

Seating Edit

There are no tables, and the trains have either airline seating or "high denisty" seating , wiht three seats on one side and two on the other.