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Starcross is a railway station in Starcross, Devon. It also serves Cockwood and is the nearest station to Powderham Castle; a summer only ferry to Exmouth departs from here.

Layout Edit

Starcross has 2 platforms, accessed from The Strand on to Platform 2. The platforms are linked via a footbridge; there is no step free access.

To gain access to the Exmouth ferry, cross the footbridge to Platform 1, turn left and walk to the landing stage off the far end of the platform.

Facilities Edit

Waiting shelters are provided on Platform 2 only.

There are no ticket purchasing facilities.

Services Edit

From Platform 1 Edit

  • GWR: Exmouth - Paignton
  • GWR: London Paddington - Paignton*

*limited service only

From Platform 2 Edit

  • GWR: Paignton - Exmouth
  • GWR: Paignton - London Paddington*

*limited service only

Bus Connections and PlusBus Edit

There are no bus connections at Starcross.

Starcross is not a PlusBus station.

Ferry Connections Edit

A summer time ferry operates to Exmouth from Starcross at an extra charge, operated by a private company.

Special ticketingEdit

Starcross is in the following Rover zones:

  • Devon Ranger/Devon Evening Ranger
  • Freedom of Devon and Cornwall
  • Freedom of the South West

Penalty Fares Edit

Starcross is not a Penalty Fare station

Special Instructions Edit

If boarding or alighting from a GWR service to/from London Paddington, only coaches A, B, C or D will be adjacent to the platform.

All trains on Platform 2 stop towards the far end of the platform (on the right after entering), to limit the gap between the platform and the train).